søndag 20. februar 2011

Harnas Wildlife Foundation

 "Back home, I live in a world where people find happiness under false pretences. It’s a place where people are made to feel important or accepted by the possessions that they have. Whether it’s the last fashion, the newest hairstyle, your position at work, the car that you drive, or whatever it may be. Harnas puts perspective on what true happiness is or should be. It’s a magical place. A place where you find the true happiness you were seeking. It’s something that cannot be bought - only experienced. It’s spending the night gazing at the starts, a sleep-out in the bush, a warm smile or words of encouragement, a small animal that lives through the night because you cared. It’s something telling you, “I believe in you” when you`ve never heard those words before, and mostly, it’s finding the unconditional love of an animal. Looking into the eyes of a small lion that loves you for who you are on the inside. Relying on you for strength, growth and affection. In all of this, your reward is a hundredfold. The love that fills and lives within your heart is unimaginable and unexplainable. It’s something that I hope that everyone in their lifetime can feel at least once."

- Quote from a volunteer (harnas.org)