fredag 9. august 2013

Marakele National Park

We had the best day at Marakele National Park. Our game ranger was awesome, and knew all the right places to go. We heard from some people that we shouldn`t go there, because we wouldn`t see any animals, but luckily because of Sidney, our game ranger, we saw more than we could have dreamt of!

First we saw some rhinos far away, and were super-excited, but then Sidney told us to go out of the Landrover and towards the rhinos (WTF?). I`d recently read a story in the newspaper about a couple doing the same thing in another park, getting badly injured, so I was so nervous as we walked closer and closer to the rhinos. The wild rhinos. They were so calm as we walked just a few meters away from them and we sat down and watched them for a while. I fell in love with the rhinos that day. One of the best experiences of my life - something poachers can never take away!

Later we found some lions - with a kill! It was so cool to see wild lions with their giraffe, and we stood there for hours watching them, and they got used to the vehicle and started eating, mating and doing what lions do. 

On the way back we also met an elephant. 

We got to see everything we wanted to see that day, and more!