onsdag 1. august 2012

About Volunteering With Predators

 The love of my life
I would like to thank everyone for all of the kind words, and inspiring emails that you people out there are sending me. You really make me smile the rest of the day after reading your emails!! I never thought I would have readers from all over the world, and I`m truly amazed that my not so professional videos on youtube has been watched over 150.000 times already! (crazy!)

As I recieve many emails about volunteering with predators, I thought I might write something about it here as well since I`m not able to answer every single email unfortunately... 

There are so many places to volunteer with animals, not only in Africa! But I`m sure that if you decide to go to Africa, you`ll want to go back. As they say; once you get the sand of Africa in your shoes, it will always bring you back! The first time I went to Africa, I went to Namibia to Harnas Wildlife Foundation, where I mainly cared for cheetahs and baboons. It was a great first trip to Africa, but for me it was too many volunteers, and very expensive. My next trip to Africa, I went to a park in South Africa, where they has lots of lions and tigers, and we were only 6 volunteers at the most. I fell in love with the animals, and loved spending time with them. Not one day goes by without missing all of the animals I worked with there!

My favorite lion Sky.
Many people look at my pictures and think that I got to cuddle with the lions and tigers the whole day. That`s just a small part about volunteering. Most of the day the volunteers cut up meat, fed the animals, cleaned the enclosures, built enclosures, cleaned waterholes etc. It`s hard work, but it`s definitely worth it!

If you want to volunteer you should search for places to volunteer, and you should try to find blogs about volunteering at the place you want to go, so you get a view of what it`s like at that place. Unfortunately it is quite expensive to volunteer at some places, so you should compare a few parks before you make a decision. 

Good luck to everyone out there that wants to follow their dream to work with these precious animals. I`m sure you`ll love it as much as I have!